Oak Bay Red Nebulizing Diffuser


Nebulizing Diffusers require no Water nor Heat.

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[No Heat or Water Required] – Maintaining the purity and therapeutic properties of essential oils, giving you a cleaner, smoother and more aromatic vapor, oil-saving and work perfectly
[100% Natural Material] – Real wood base and hand-blown glass, getting maximum health benefits from pure essential oils
[Adjustable Intensity& Effective]- A smart knob allows you to control the intensity of aromatic vapor, and turn on/ off the model; Quickly smell fantastic aromas throughout your whole local area (up to 800 sq. ft.)
[Auto Shut off & LED Light] – Dispensing scented vapor in intervals (5mins on, 3mins off, for 2-hours shuts off), just in case you forget to power it down before leaving; 7 coloured gentle led mood lighting, immediately changes the mood and atmosphere of your surroundings
[Vast Application & Artistic Decor] – Perfect to refresh the quality of air we breathe, aroma therapy, relieve stress and relax our mood at anywhere or anytime, this elegant diffuser is a beautiful display of artistic craftsmanship


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