Cypress Essential Oil


Latin: Eucalyptus Globulus
Origin: China
Extraction: Steam Distillation of wood and leaves
Note: Top
Uses: It is said to be useful for clearing congestion, aiding in construction of new skin cells and preventing bacterial growth. It is reputed to have a healing action on burns, blisters, wounds and insect bites, and has been used to combat sore muscles and joints. Caution: Avoid use with young children.
The 80/85 designation refers to the 1,8-cineole level being at 80/85%, creating a stronger smelling and higher therapeutic eucalyptus.

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Cypress Oil is a woody and slightly spicy, but clear and refreshing scent. It can be useful for oily and sweaty skin, varicose veins and rheumatism. It can be beneficial for easing muscular cramps and has an antispasmodic action which can be relieving for coughs.


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